401k and Pension Administration

The Pension Department, Inc., provides 401k administration for 401ks, Safe Harbor 401ks, Roth 401ks, profit sharing plans, as well as defined benefit plans. As part of our 401k administrator and pension plan administrator services, we help you decide which type of plan is the right choice for you, your employees and your cash flow. The Pension Department, Inc. can help

-Maximize tax deductions for the employer and owner(s)
-Minimize costs
-Maximize benefits to the owner(s)

Through our meetings we can help design a plan that will meet your needs. The Pension Department, Inc., also provides document support as part of our 401k administrator services.  We will help you keep your plan documents in compliance at all times.  Many 401k administration firms make you use their plan documents so they can make extra money.  The Pension Department, Inc., offers companies the flexibility to use their existing plan documents, as long as the documents are in compliance.  We don’t charge a takeover fee or an installation fee, or a deconversion fee like many 401k administration firms, thereby saving money. 

The Pension Department, Inc. specializes in:

Plan Design & Implementation
Plan Amendments
Plan Terminations
brett goldstien the pension department image of 401k egg
Administration of:
401k Plans
Cash Balance Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Profit Sharing Plans
403b Plans                                                                                                                                                                                                                               401(h) Plans