Solo 401k


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The fees you pay for your Solo 401k include everything you will need to keep your retirement plan legal and in compliance with the IRS. Check out the Plan Highlights Page for what our Solo 401k Plan allows and does not allow for. If you need something more customized, we can also customize something specific for you.


Our pricing is the most competitive in the industry.  

Document Fee: $299.  Our competition charges $795 

NO Annual Fee! Our competition charges $125 per year. 

Pricing also includes the following:

You Must Have Earned Income To Start a Solo 401k. That means you must receive a Schedule C, Form K-1, or w-2 from abusiness you own. If you are going to buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Real Estate, etc., the investments must be owned by the Solo 401k.  

We can also assist you in the creation of Defined Benefit Plans and once you have employees, we can help you with changing your plan to fit your needs. Other services include Background Checks, Drug testing, Sexual Harassment Training, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, and Human Resources.