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We Make Retirement Plans Less Taxing!

The Pension Department, Inc are Experts in Third Party Administration for 401K and Pension Plans.


Why Work With Us

The Pension Department, Inc. is a 401k Third Party Administrator for 401k and Pension Plans.  The Pension Department is located in Melville, New York behind the Huntington Quadrangle. Not only are we a Third Party Administrator for 401k plans we also can help you with all Human resource and Employee Benefit Needs. Brett Goldstein, the owner of The Pension Department is a speaker and media personality who specializes in providing businesses and individuals with affordable employee benefit solutions. Goldstein’s timely advice and tips have been featured on CNN, Fox Business Network, Kiplinger’s, Wall Street Journal Radio, Forbes, MarketWatch.com, New York Daily News, The Chicago Tribune, and many others.


Many states require employers to offer retirement plans. Is your state one of them? Call us today to get a quote on 401k Administration.

Defined Benefit Plan

Looking to contribute large sums of money and reduce taxes. Then a defined benefit plan may be for you. Call us today to get a quote.


Whether you are looking for health, life, dental, vision, paid family leave or Medicare Insurance, we have a plan that meets your needs.


Need a payroll service that knows your business? Need a company that is going to answer your questions without talking to 5 different representatives or long hold times? We have the answer for you.

Explore What We Are Doing Better

Changes to your employee benefit plans often affects your 401k, health insurance, payroll and human resources.  Trying to coordinate with all of the service providers is not easy.  That’s why we provide an Integrated approach.  Just one phone call to your 401k Third Party Administrator is all you need for all of your employee benefit and human resource needs.

Three Steps To Success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We don’t try to sell 401ks.  We take all customers through our 3 Step YES Program.

01 Understanding The Clients Needs

Understanding a customer's needs is the cornerstone of providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships. It involves delving beyond surface-level interactions to grasp the deeper motivations, desires, and pain points that drive their decision-making.

02 Communication

Customer analysis and communication are integral components of any successful business strategy. Engaging in clear and empathetic communication also allows us to manage expectations and handle issues with professionalism, leaving customers feeling valued and supported.

03 On Going Support

Ongoing support for pension and 401(k) plans is paramount to ensure financial security and peace of mind for individuals throughout their retirement journey. The importance of continuous assistance in managing these plans cannot be overstated. Retirement planning is a dynamic process, influenced by ever-changing market conditions, life events, and personal financial goals. Ongoing support from financial advisors and experts allows plan participants to make informed decisions, optimize investment choices, and stay abreast of regulatory changes that might impact their retirement savings.

Client Testimonials

I cant recommend The Pension Department, Inc. enough. If youre in need for services of this nature then look no further! It was so difficult to find them and Im incredibly grateful that they were recommended to me. - Monica C.

"Brett is a wealth of knowledge, especially in his zone of genius, retirement. I have never met anyone with more current knowledge and ability to craft unique and creative fixes for many of the issues I've sent him. He works tirelessly for his clients, and get them the best of everything, from options, to flexibility to service. Your #1 stop shop for all your company's retirement needs. I wouldn't trust anyone else." - Adryenn Ashley

“I've been a guest on Brett's radio show and was impressed with his knowledge of the financial arena. So much so in fact, that I have relied on his expertise for many of the articles I write for foxbusiness.com. This man knows what he's talking about!.” - Bonnie Lee

“I can't recommend The Pension Department, Inc. enough. If you're in need for services of this nature then look no further! It was so difficult to find them and I'm incredibly grateful that they were recommended to me. My case was handled with the utmost expedience, professionalism and care. Brett was kind and patient through an extremely stressful situation- they even communicated after hours whenever there were any updates in the file. They are competent, thorough and easy to work with. 10/10, would give more stars if Google would let me.” - Monna Comedy

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We are experts when it comes to your 401K & Pension plans. Call us for a free consultation.