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Brett's professionalism, knowledge of the industry and follow up are all qualities that make him and The Pension Department very easy to work with. Reliable Payroll has been referring clients to Brett Goldstein and his team at The Pension Department for quite some time now and each client has been very happy with the way the service they received 

Michael Smith

Reliable Payroll Services

I have been working with Brett for many years for my clients’ and my own employee benefits. Brett is knowledgeable and professional. Most importantly, Brett puts clients’ interest first. 

Fuqun Yang, CPA


I've been a guest on Brett's radio show and was impressed with his knowledge of the financial arena. So much so in fact, that I have relied on his expertise for many of the articles I write for This man knows what he's talking about

Bonnie Lee, E.A.

Author Taxpertise, the Complete Book of Dirty Little Secrets,

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