Small Business Human Resources

The Pension Department, Inc. now provides you with access to a comprehensive library of HR-related trainings available for immediate viewing at any time.
Visit the “Training & Education” tab within the HR Support Center to access our robust and expanding Training On-Demand library. Listen to our team of HR Pros as they provide guidance on a wide range of training topics including: Hiring, Employee & Workplace Administration, Employee Relations, Benefits, Leaves, Employee Rights, Termination and much more. And be sure to check back often, as new trainings will be added every month.

Our HR Training Website

1. Training On-Demand was specially developed in response to the HR issues faced every day and based on the questions we field every day.
2. You have immediate access to the training programs at no additional cost.
3. The trainings are developed through a state-of-the-art platform that allows us to track user experience and continuously fine-tune the trainings.
4. With HR On-Demand access, you have the ability to follow-up with our HR Pros regarding any questions after the training – you can even speak to the very same HR Pro that presented the training!
5. New trainings will be added.
6. Law Alerts-Our alert system emails you every time there is a change in the employee benefit laws. Both Federal and State.
7. Full Database on laws like COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, GINA and much more.
8. We also have a full database of forms, guides, checklists, letters, articles and much more.

As you know, there are fines for not having accurate forms, letters and notices. The fines in some cases are hundreds of dollars per day. For $80 per year, the cost of one large frosty cappuccino each month, you can have access to all of this info and avoid the fines. Or upgrade to the HR On-Demand Service for $360 per year and speak with a live HR Expert to answer your questions.

In addition, we also have an HR Complete service. This is an HR audit by our team of HR experts who will meet with you on a monthly basis to create and maintain proper HR documents and programs.

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